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Providing video foot strike analysis to get you in the correct shoe and fitness classes to develop the whole body .

Selecting the Best Shoe

COMFORT is the most important element in selecting a running shoe. Yes biomechanics and fit are important but if the shoe is not immediately comfortable it is not the right shoe for you. Gone are the days when a phrase such as "I can break it in and make it work" should come out of your mouth.

FIT is essential in selecting a running shoe. Fit relates to the length, width, height, and arch position of the shoe. Simply put, a shoe should fit right out of the box. 

BIOMECHANICS is the element that separates specialty shops from big box and online shops. Our goal is that we find a shoe that works for your biomechanics that also is extremely comfortable and fits perfectly. We use video analysis to make sure we get you n the correct type of shoe.

Lets Get Comfortable

Training and Dedication are the most important aspects to getting fit. Comfortable Shoes and Gear Make It A Lot More Enjoyable :)

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