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Our goal is to keep you moving through life efficiently.

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On A Mission to help you move through life efficiently and painlessly.

Our Shoe Fitting Process

First and foremost we are shoe geeks and want to make sure you have the best type of shoe for your specific biomechanics. We provide a simple yet effective shoe fitting processto help us find the best shoe. Although we feel it is important to get the correct type of shoe, we believe that COMFORT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of finding the best shoe.

  • 1
    Natural Assessment
    The first step in selecting shoes is to look at your natural foot structure. We conduct three very simple tests to see what your feet naturally do.

  • 2
    Shoe Fit
    Although this sounds obvious many people do not buy properly fitted shoes. We make sure the shoe is the correct length, width, and shape for your unique foot.

  • 3
    Video Analysis
    After placing you in a shoe that fits and addresses what we find in our initial assessment we allow you to walk or run on the treadmill while we film your feet, ankles, and knees in slow motion to confirm we have you in the correct type of shoe.

Time To Get Moving

Whether you walk, run or need a comfortable shoe to work in we analyze your stride to put you in the correct type of shoe.
We hope to see you soon!

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