Club Workouts

We have 3 main workouts a week. Please read about each one below.

Runner X 

This is a unique workout that is a run with strength and mobility exercises in the middle. The total running mileage is typically 4 to 5 1/2 miles and the exercises vary. The workouts start at Mile 26 Sports unless otherwise noted. Tuesdays at 5:30pm. You can Sign up at

Track Workouts

Our track workouts take place on Wednesday evenings at the Buena High School track at 6pm. The workouts change each week and we have 3 different levels and 5 different pace groups so are all welcome. Please note from May 16th to August 2nd our workouts move to Friday mornings since we run in the Boogie Nights Summer 5K Run Series on Wednesday nights. You can Sign up at

6:00pm - Easy Warm Up Jog on your own (outside lanes of the track clockwise)

6:20pm - Drills & Strides (instuctor led)

6:45pm - The Workout

Make sure you cooldown (jog super easy) at least 2 laps after your last repeat.

Long Runs

We typically do our long runs on Sunday mornings at 7:30am but will occasionally do Saturdays or alter the time to 7 or 8am. We rotate the locations between trail and road locations. Long runs are typically out and back and the pace is up to you. This is part of our basic club membership. You can Sign up at


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